How to prepare your child for primary school

School is an integral part of a child’s life as it prepares them for the upcoming independency and social interaction which they may or may not be familiar with in their usual routine. Preparing your child for primary school in Dubai may sound easy but most of the time, a lot of people end up skipping main parts. So here is a quick guide to preparing children for their primary school:

  • Start with toilet training

Even though majority of the schooling systems are prepared for the mishaps which may take place in bathrooms, you still need to be sure that your child is independent enough to carry out their bathroom business. These are the small steps to independency which children learn and move forward in their life with. Start from something small and prepare them for something big.

  • Teach them basics of self care

Because you will no longer be with your child during their study hours, it is highly likely for the children to become careless about their health. They may eat junk food and play in mud and forget to wash their hands but you need to remind them the importance of self care and teach them the basics. Expect them to come home dirty but also use your parenting skills to tell them how to wash muddy hands and ignore junk food.

  • Getting dressed

Children in primary section are still too young to be forced to dress themselves but you need to make sure your child knows and understands basic undressing and dressing techniques. If you have chosen best British school in Dubai then you can expect a change of uniform for P.E lessons and etc., which is why it is necessary that your child is independent enough to carry out those tasks themselves.

  • Having lunch

Even though basic table manners are taught in each household, it is important for parents to pay attention to specifically teaching the eating manners in code of school and friends. When your child starts dining with their peers during lunch time, it is necessary for them to be capable of feeding themselves and adapt to the environment around, such as being on a time crunch with their school lunches and how to quickly but gracefully pack it all up.

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