Dental Checkup

A dental checkup doesn’t have to be done very often. In fact, you can do it more than once a year if you like. When your dentist in springs Dubai cleans your teeth, he or she may also take X-rays of your teeth and oral cavity. Doing these dental examinations may not only help your dentist detect oral cancer and other dental problems, but they can also provide valuable information about your overall health.

The first thing dentists in Arabian Ranches usually check for during a dental checkup is to make sure there are no signs of tooth decay. Of course, cavities which develop along the gum line on visible teeth, especially on the front of the tooth, are easy to spot, but other cavities that grow deeper in your mouth and away from the tooth, may be harder to spot. A thorough cleaning by your dentist of your mouth and oral cavity will alert you to any potential dangers to your teeth. If there are signs of disease, such as abscesses, periodontal pockets, or abscessed tooth roots, a thorough cleaning of your mouth should be done routinely at least every six months.

Another sign of possible danger to your oral health and a potential problem with your toothache or oral cancer, is if there are no signs of gum disease on the outer surfaces of your teeth or gums. These cavities form, because of our unhealthy diets, smoking, or exposure to some toxins in our environment. The dentist can check for signs of disease in these areas using radiographs and can perform a dental checkup to find out what he or she should do next in terms of oral hygiene and treatment options.

Even if you go to your dentist regularly for cleanings, you might not always be able to detect problems with your oral health. This is why many dentists recommend doing a yearly dental checkup, which should include both the examination of the gums, teeth and bite. By looking into the signs above, your dentist will be able to tell whether you might need one of these more frequent checkups. You can also ask your regular dentist for more advice on what level of oral hygiene you need to maintain in order to avoid serious dental problems. If you do notice signs of problems, however, you should get it checked out immediately.

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